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Welcome to the Ambo Vet Life

After making it through the grueling four years of veterinary school, persevering through an equine internship at a medical and surgical center and driving 3,000 miles across the country, I arrived back in my home state to begin my career as an ambulatory equine veterinarian. After a Skype interview in december, and a working interview in January, I knew I was lucky to land the associate position that I did. After meeting my asking salary amount, and with the promise of investing in a true Mentorship dynamic, I counted down the days to my official start date of March 1st.

The practice, owned by a solo practitioner, is equine focused but definitely not equine exclusive. Aside from small ruminants and the occasional bovine, this courageous mentor of mine also sees the occasional big cat, bird, small animal, chamelid and even kangaroo.
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By MorganDVM

After graduating from vet school in 2015 and completing a year long equine internship, I entered private practice as an equine ambulatory veterinarian. Like most people in the veterinary field, I have respect and compassion towards all species, with a passion for horses. My work-life balance includes roadtripping, hiking, succulents, aquariums and is made complete by my wonderful pets.

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