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The ER Waves

It’s a phenomenon in life, as well as medicine, that when it rains it pours. So often times, emergencies come in waves. 

This week, the waves were goat ERs and foot abscesses. 3 ER foot abscesses in one day, two lacerations in one day, and a goat ER every day of the week. As we pulled into the driveway of the 4th goat ER, I had to laugh when my boss solemnly looked at me and said “I really am an equine vet.” But the recession taught her one tough lesson in particular, equine practice is not recession proof. Out of necessity, she had to expand from her 10+ years of equine only ambulatory work to suddenly re-visiting medicine for the other species, mostly small and large ruminants. She won’t turn down the common dog or cat case either. She does it all.

By MorganDVM

After graduating from vet school in 2015 and completing a year long equine internship, I entered private practice as an equine ambulatory veterinarian. Like most people in the veterinary field, I have respect and compassion towards all species, with a passion for horses. My work-life balance includes roadtripping, hiking, succulents, aquariums and is made complete by my wonderful pets.

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