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What do you miss most?

I have been asked this question once a day since starting my ambulatory job. The first time, I was caught off guard. At first, I thought for a moment…but the heart sometimes speak best. The people. The only things really irreplaceable, and the only way I made it through a tough year, was because of great roommates, best friends and the amazing sense of comradery. After the new interns joined, one in particular really solidified the “group.” I couldn’t imagine going through the tough cases, spending the long hours, and whatnot without them. While not everyone was a godsent, I hit the lottery when it came to internmates.

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By MorganDVM

After graduating from vet school in 2015 and completing a year long equine internship, I entered private practice as an equine ambulatory veterinarian. Like most people in the veterinary field, I have respect and compassion towards all species, with a passion for horses. My work-life balance includes roadtripping, hiking, succulents, aquariums and is made complete by my wonderful pets.

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