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The Look-up List

This list began day 1 of my new job, and consisted of random topics, articles, websites, brochures and what not, that need to be reviewed. As an associate at a new practice, it’s a strange feeling to have my opinion and ideas solicited on a daily basis. I was more accustomed to the intern position of “stand quietly, and do work.” Metaphorically, time to dust off the client communication skills and enter the mainstream veterinary ambulatory service.

The most recent compendium for strangles was top of the list, especially since three local barns had been hit with a case or more. Owners, riders, managers, agents…all weathering a fear frenzy of who brought it, has it, might have it, will get it and so on. The specific topic of interest at the clinic, to vaccinate or not vaccinate.

By MorganDVM

After graduating from vet school in 2015 and completing a year long equine internship, I entered private practice as an equine ambulatory veterinarian. Like most people in the veterinary field, I have respect and compassion towards all species, with a passion for horses. My work-life balance includes roadtripping, hiking, succulents, aquariums and is made complete by my wonderful pets.

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