Internship Resources

This page is a resource of websites, pages and documents that I found helpful in finding, assessing and deciding on veterinary internship programs.

This page is a resource of websites, pages and documents that I found helpful in finding, assessing and deciding on veterinary internship programs. Even after starting my internship, I am continuing to add resources as I come across them. Not all internships are created equal. By setting personal learning and skill set goals, researching the individual programs and asking in-depth questions, hopefully applicants can better decide which internship programs are a good fit for them.

AVMA’s professional development page on Internships



AAEP Job Center
An AAEP hosted forum for job seekers and employers. No membership required, no fees. My favorite feature is the customizable job alerts you can have sent to your e-mail. Criteria can be based on broad or specific criteria such as job title, location and keywords.

AAEP Avenues
An AAEP hosted forum for internship and externship listings. AAEP membership is required. In my opinion, it is one of the best resources for seeking out specific internships based on location and start dates. Hospitals and clinics are responsible for updating their listings, and most of them are current.

The MATCH Program
Sponsored by The American Association of Veterinary Clinicians, the Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program (VIRMP) serves as a rank-based “match-maker” for applicants and institutions/practices. As a third-party participant, goal is to expedite selection of interns/residents. A program search is available which lists participating programs and provides detailed information on each program.

Know of other great resources for internship listings? Please share!


While AAEP currently lacks guidelines and internship program expectations, the AVMA’s internship guidelines covers both fundamental and essential components of any veterinary internship. Although lengthy, the guidelines are worth the read:

The AVMA’s Veterinary Internships Guidelines

Introduction from the AVMA Veterinary Internship Guidelines: Internships should be designed to prepare veterinarians for high-quality service in practice or advanced specialty training. The primary purpose of an internship is to provide a sound educational program for the intern rather than a service benefit to the hospital. This guideline is intended to establish reasonable expectations for internship providers as well as participants. The key to providing or completing a successful internship experience is establishing a clear, mutual understanding of what is being provided and what is expected in return.

Other topics covered in the guidelines include: Employment information, Orientation/Mentoring/Supervision, Training, Clinical Experience and Responsibilities, Scheduling, Faculty and Clinical Resources, Facilities/Equipment and Outcome Assessment.



The AVMA’s Veterinary Internships Disclosure OutlineThis comprehensive outline can serve as information checklist when during initial research and comparison of internship programs. While some nitty-gritty details might be irrelevant, this outline created by the AVMA was most useful when coming up with questions to ask during the interview process.

“An Internship…Can, Should or Must it Be Part of My Future?” by James F. Wilson, DVM, JD.Vet internships 101 and FAQ combined into one thoroughly research document from 2011. with special emphasis on deciding if an internship is the next best step in the career path. Also contains a “Master Internship Search and Application Tracking Document” spreadsheet to help with the process. Also contains full PDF article of “Selection methods and criteria for choosing veterinary interns,” which is another item on this list.

“Finding the fit: Selecting an appropriate veterinary internship.” Smith, BP, Sweeney, CR, et al. Journal of Veterinary Medical Education 2006.

“Selection methods and criteria for choosing veterinary interns.” Harriet J. Davidson, MS, DVM, DACVO